In ACR every piece of content is called SLICE.

To add a content, click on ADD SLICE in the top bar. You will see the list of available slices. The available slices depends on installed plugins. Clicking on a slice type, the create page will appear. Mind that the new slice will be created on the page where you were when you clicked on the slice type.

Common Slice Fields

Every slice type edit page has these standard fields:

  • Name the name of the slice, for your reference
  • Zone the page zone where the content will appear
  • Tags the content tags of the content
  • Language the language of the content, usefull for internationalize of your website.

Standard Slices


HTML slice contains only a rich badass WYSIWYG editor, where you can freely insert any kind of content. The image insert uses ACRcms’s assets manager to store and retrieve your contents. Please refer to the CKEditor user guide for the complete how to.


GENSHI slice permits you to add Genshi Template Directives, such as conditions, loops, etc... to your content.

Consider this snippet of Genshi code:

<div py:for="i in range(7)">
  this is cool :)

it will return something like this:

this is cool :)
this is cool :)
this is cool :)
this is cool :)
this is cool :)
this is cool :)
this is cool :)

ACRCms injects some useful variable in Genshi slice:

acr.slices_with_tag(tag): returns all the slices with the given tag
acr.page_from_urllist([urls]): given the url hierarchy, returns the page object
acr.preview_slice(page, slice): renders the preview of a slice
acr.render_slice(page, slice): renders a slice
acr.url(url, **params): returns the project relative encoded url
acr.request : the current WebOb request
acr.depot : a key-value storage that can be used to store or retrieve data

page.url: the url of the current page
page.i18n_title: the internationalized title of the current page
page.ancestors: iterable of the current page ancestors
page.children: iterable of the current page children

slice.tags: iterable of the tags associated with the current slice the name of the current slice

You can also access all the helpers using the variable h.


Ajax loaded content.


rss aggregator, add the rss feed uri and eventually a tag filter and it magically works.

Comments thread

Deprecated, left only for retrocompatibility. Please use Disqus thread.

Twitter rss

What the hell, Twitter supports only Atom feeds :)


Insert a downloadable file using the asset manager. Choose an asset using the assets box, or upload a new one. For further reference, please read ACRcms’s assets manager.


An automatic submission form creator. The syntax is pretty simple, fieldname=fieldtype, one for row. Available field types:

  • text single line text field
  • textarea multiline text area
  • [] select field, comma separated values inside square brackets

A little example:

Sex=[Male, Female]

will be rendered as:



Insert an image using the asset manager. Choose an image using the assets box, or upload a new one. For further reference, please read ACRcms’s assets manager.

You can also set the image size, an external link and the image title.


Insert a video using the asset manager. Choose a video file using the assets box, or upload a new one. For further reference, please read ACRcms’s assets manager.

You can also set the video size and the video title.

The video will be automatically converted to a web suitable format.


With this slice type you can insert custom JavaScript code in your page to customize your page behavior.

Tag cloud

Tag cloud that aggregates the tags of your slices.

Slicegroup Admin

Adds a bar with two links to add or edit slice group contents.

Disqus thread

Adds a discussion thread to your page using the disqus comment system. You must configure the plugin with your disqus User ID before using it. Refer to Disqus Config for more details.


Google Maps Plugin, you have only to fill the address field and configure the zoom level and the map size.

Blog Articles

The blog articles slice aggregates all the post of a blog category. You must have configured at least one blog category, refer to Blog Config.

Photo Album

A complete photogallery plugin, with categories and thumbnails generator. The use is simple, just add the slice, then select the album and it’s done. To add and manage albums refer to Photo Config.